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File:Critter Lambton Lizard.jpg
Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Lambton Lizard (Salamandra lambtoni) is an Awakened salamander named after Ward Lambton, a famous paranaturalist who studied these creatures and was killed by one. It grows to an enormous 6.25 meters long. It is covered with overlapping plates of dermal bone, and has a dull gray coloration, shading to dull white toward the belly. It has several "barbells" similar to a catfish, which double as sensory organs and glands that secrete a paralyzing toxin.

The Lambton lizard is a solitary carnivore that feeds mostly on freshwater fish. It also can eat large mammal and birds, and has been known to stray from water to catch prey. The Lambton lizard typically paralyzes its prey by its secreted toxin, which it can spray a short distance from its mouth.

The Lambton lizard lives in freshwater rivers and lakes in the CAS, Florida, and along the Atlantic Coast.