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The Large Circle League (aka, Big Circle Society) is a Triad based in New York City.

The Large Circle League is the largest Triad in New York. Despite facing opposition from other syndicates operating in the city it has established multiple successful criminal enterprises, most of them in the smuggling and shipping rackets.[1]


The Triad has an organizational structure in which decisions are made by the senior officers of a ruling council.[2] Among the ruling council's members were at least two women (one being Callista Yu) and at least two non-Chinese (a Latino named (Ricardo), and the Japanese Captain (Ichigo Taka).[3]


As evident from it's ruling council, the Triad accepts not only those who are non-Chinese but also those who are non-Asians and regularly promotes them. It also accepts women and likewise regularly promotes them. It is unknown if the Triad accepts metahumans into its ranks, much less promote them but it's highly likely. Nor is it known if they have the Awakened within their ranks, though it's also highly likely.

Criminal Enterprises[]

It's main source of income is the trafficking of opiates and BTLs.[4] Currently they are warring with the Mafia for control of the drug trade.[5] The Triad is also involved in metahuman trafficking and runs the black market trade in Chinatown.[6]

It has infiltrated many corporations in Manhattan, and used the information it has acquired as leverage to subtly manipulate and shape events in the sprawl.[7] Which has let them form various high-level contacts across the city.[8] The Triad has an organizational structure in which decisions are made by the senior officers of a ruling council.[9]

In 2076, the Red Dragon Triad expanded its operation to New York City and established its primacy over the Large Circle League, making it now a vassal of the Red Dragons.[10] The Triad works a lot with the Shiawase Corporation.[11] It also has a partnership with Spinrad Industries, in which they smuggle illegal components into the city for Spinrad and in turn the corporation does the installation surgeries for the triad.[12]


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