The Leather Devils is a gay thriller go-gang in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: unknown (small-size gang)

The Leather Devils is an all men gang, whom wear leather and biker-fetish clothing and whom are all gay. It terrorizes the I-90 around Bellevue, by warring with the 405 Hellhounds and carjacking, dealing at hard-core clubs in Bellevue, and rolling motorists. They control a good chunk of the hardcore gay porn and male prostitution racket, running the largest male prostitution ring in Bellevue. When the opportunity arises they use the knowledge gained in their sex rackets to blackmail their customers when needed.[1][2]

A favorite pastime of their's is taking over the highways at night so they can organize "jousting matches".[3] They do quite a bit of work for the Mafia in the district.[4] While the gang is not large enough to pose a challenge to the syndicates, it is tough enough to throw down with the 405 Hellhounds.[5]

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