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Lei Kung is a shadowrunner and former member of the Red Dragon Triad.

Lei Kung is a mage who was born in Hong Kong sometime between 2025-2034. He used to be a member of the Red Dragons and ran a private detective agency in the late 2050s.

In 2054, during a firefight between the Red Dragons and the Hong Kong police, his entire family was killed. In the next two weeks, 13 high-ranking officers in the Red Dragons died due to magical causes.

He then disappeared for 13 months, and returned to Hong Kong in 2056. His shadowrunner team (the Sons of Thunder), assaulted a Red Dragon brothel destroying the building.

In a clash involving powerful spirits, automatic weapons, and explosives over 50 suspected Triad members, employees, and customers were killed as well as two members of the Sons of Thunder.

It appears that the Red Dragons and Sons of Thunder have come to an "understanding". No additional clashes have been reported.


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