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Liang Hong is the dictator who rules the state of Sichuan.

Liang Hong is a military officer, warlord, and combat mage with ties to the Great Dragon Lung. With his backing he became the leader of one of the most powerful armies in China. He turned a lawless war torn region into the largest successor state in China.[1]

Prior to taking command, Liang was an average magician who had a reputation as being an unimaginative staff officer. The man who took command used metamagic, commanded powerful spirits during his campaign to seize power, and had become strategically brilliant. Which is why there it is believed that the Great Dragon Lung had a hand in his transformation. Under his guidance Sichuan has become a powerful nation, one whose economic and military strength rivals that of the Canton Confederation.[2]

Among his achievements was driving out the invading Cantonese army in 2042 with magic and later conquering most of Guizhou and parts of Yunnan in 2047.[3][4] He also conquered parts of Shaanxi, Hubei, and Gansu.[2] General Liang has brought decades of peace to Sichuan.[5] He is also the grandmaster of the Order of Zhang Daolin, a magical group in Sichuan for it's Awakened elite.[6]


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