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Likedeeler is a crime syndicate based in Hamburg in the AGS.


Likedeeler were established after the 2nd Crash. It is made up of the remnants of Romanian, Yugoslav, and Turkish gangs and fencing networks. From Hamburg they have spread throughout Germany, establishing strongholds in Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, the Ruhr, and Greater Frankfurt.

It is not a very hierarchical organization, though its members support each other, especially operationally and strategically. They also share the profits equally among the member groups, more or less. Together they procure and distribute smuggled and stolen goods.


The one who was responsible for the formation of the group is Klaas / Warentester (based in Hamburg). He leads the group functioning as figurehead and is first among equals. The core of the group consists of the fixers in the metroplexes who organize the transportation and sale of the goods, and monitor all of their local operations in the respective areas. Connected to this network are a number of crews (mostly ex-shadowrunner groups) who either work for a specific fixer or freelance.[1]


The ex-shadowrunner crews are often made up of shadowrunners who are nearing or at the retirement age. When it comes to prostitution, many of their sex workers serve the fetish market (virtual sex, BDSM, magical satisfaction, or meta-cyberfetish). They work for the crews for the protection which is provided and the clean atmosphere (clubs).[2]

Criminal Enterprises[]

They are involved in the theft and distribution of goods, prostitution, the smuggling of BTLs and drugs, protection rackets, and the selling of counterfeit identities to illegal immigrants and shadowrunners. The syndicate has good relationships with several pirate crews.

Mob Wars[]

The Likedeeler syndicate has been warring with rival syndicates in its place of origin, the city of Hamburg. Where the syndicate leader's faction has been competing with the Vory for years, waging an intermittent war of drive-by shootings, car bombs, etc.

It is now also warring with the Red Dragon Triad which has expanded into Hamburg. Klaas is determined to expel the Triad from Hamburg, but the other Likedeeler bosses in the other cities want an end to the war. They wish to negotiate with the Red Dragons, as in their view the Triad is too large and powerful for Likedeeler to handle. In their view their is a great opportunity in establishing a business relationship with the Triad as it has a worldwide smuggling network that they could use to their advantage.


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