Lima is the capital of Peru.

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The city of Lima is the most populous city in Peru and its economic powerhouse. The city is the last stronghold in Peru of the Japanese, dominated by the Japanacorps and Yakuza. It's culture is being influenced by the community of Japanese expatriates and retirees, deserters from the Imperial Marines, and Yakuza. The underclass in the city despise the Japanese and support the Shining Path which is attempting to undermine their control of the city.[1]

Economy[edit | edit source]

Lima is the center of Peru's economy, which is still the playground of the japanacorps and its seaport Callao is the largest harbor in the country. Approximately 48% of South America's maritime commerce and fishing industry are handled by Callao.[2]

Major Peruvian business families have partnered with the Japanacorps for money and power. The Aparacio family has allied with the Shiawase Corporation, the Larcos family with Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, and the Del Campos family with Renraku Computer Systems. These families are in charge of making sure things run smoothly for their Japanese partners. Bloody fighting occurs between these families to prove to the Japanacorps that they are stronger and more reliable than their rivals.[3]

Corporations[edit | edit source]

Largest corporate presence are the Shiawase Corporation and Evo (former Yamatetsu).

Aegis Cognito has one of its dependences at Lima.

In 2064 DIMR planned, to establish a dependance at Lima during the next five years.

Crime[edit | edit source]

The criminal underworld of Lima is dominated by the Yakuza. Challenging the Yakuza are the Limeno Syndicates, the native Peruvian crime groups. The Andes Cartel is also a major player in the city.

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