Lin Yao of White Lotus Triad

Lin Yao was a member of the White Lotus Society in the Denver metroplex.

Lin Yao was a high ranking officer within the Denver branch of the White Lotus Triad. She was brutal woman with little to no evident emotions, who mostly concerned herself with the "bottom line". As in making a cost benefit analysis to determine the gains and risk, and her fast no nonsense way of addressing problems, which facilitated her quick rise up the Triad. Someone who did not know here when meeting Lin Yao would underestimate her seeing a quiet woman with a firm and businesslike demeanor (e.g. long hair braided or in a ponytail, and wearing a simple necklace made of silver, conservative woman's cream colored business suit, and simple wireframed glasses). Lin Yao had a Cantonese accent and spoke "business casual" English, never using slang.

Lin Yao attempted to start a mob war in Denver among the various factions by arranging the assassination of the local boss for the Denver branch of the Chavez Family , in her bid to defect from the Triad and leave the underworld. She hired a team of shadowrunners to take out the target whom were successful and to extract her from Denver. She was taken to NY City but the Triad learned that she was not actually dead, which doomed her.

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