A list of the English-language Shadowrun books, with their Stock Keeping Unit numbers. Four digit numbers were published by FASA; five digit numbers are published by FanPro.


First edition

Title Notes
7100 1st Shadowrun softcover
7101 1st Shadowrun hardcover
7102 1st Shadowrun GM Screen with Silver Angel adventure
7104 1st Street Samurai Catalog weapon rules
7106 1st The Grimoire magic rules
7107 1st Virtual Realities hacking rules
7108 1st Rigger Black Book vehicle rules

Second edition

Title Notes
7900 2nd Shadowrun Second Edition hardcover
7901 2nd Shadowrun Second Edition softcover
7902 2nd Shadowrun GM Screen
7104 2nd Street Samurai Catalog (revised) weapon rules
7903 2nd Grimoire Second Edition magic rules
7904 2nd Virtual Realities 2.0 hacking rules
7905 2nd Shadowrun Companion miscellaneous rules
7906 2nd Rigger 2 vehicle rules

Third edition

Title Notes
7000 3rd Shadowrun Third Edition limited run of 1,000 numbered hardcovers
7001 10660 & 25000 3rd Shadowrun Third Edition softcover
7002 25008 3rd Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen with Critters Sourcebook
7003 3rd Shadowrun Quick Start Rules simplified 3rd ed. rules
7126 10663 & 25001 3rd Man & Machine cyberware rules
7905 10656 & 25010 3rd Shadowrun Companion (revised) miscellaneous rules
7907 10658 3rd Magic in the Shadows magic rules
7908 10659 3rd Cannon Companion weapon rules
7909 3rd Matrix hacking rules
7910 3rd Rigger 3 vehicle rules
10662 3rd Rigger 3 Revised vehicle rules, updated
10673 3rd Character Dossier 16 page Character record sheets

Fourth edition

Title Notes
26000 26000 4th Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Catalyst starting with 5th printing
26001 4th Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Limited Edition limited to 1,000 numbered copies
2600A 4th Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook revised core rules with additional fiction
2600LE 4th Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook Limited Edition limited to 1,500 numbered copies
26002 4th Shadowrun Gamemaster's Screen with Contacts and Adventures
26004 26001 4th Street Magic 2nd Printing - Magic Expansion magic rules (2nd Printing)
26002 4th Augmentation expanded cyberware and bioware rules (2nd Printing)
26003 4th Arsenal weapon, armour, gear and vehicle rules (2nd Printing)
26004 4th Unwired hacking rules
26005 4th Runner's Companion miscellaneous rules
26600 4th Digital Grimoire Additional magic rules (PDF only)
26S001 4th This old Drone Additional drones (PDF only)
26S002 4th MilSpecTech Additional military vehicles (PDF only)
26SO001 4th The Way of the Adept Additional optional rules for adepts (PDF only)
26S009 4th Unfriendly Skies Aircraft (PDF only)
26S010 4th Gun Heaven Aditional Guns (PDF only)
26S011 4th Deadly Waves Water vehicles (PDF only)
26104 4th Runner's Black Book contains "This Old Drone", "MilSpec Tech", "Unfriendly Skies", "Gun Heaven" and "Deadly Waves" + some exclusive new Gear (print only)
XXXXX 4th 30 Rides Additional vehicles (PDF only, to be released)

General sourcebooks

First & second edition

SKU Ed. Title In-game
7103 1st Sprawl Sites 2050 Locations, contacts and adventure hooks in Seattle
7105 1st Paranormal Animals of North America 2050 Awakened critters
7109 1st Shadowbeat 2052 Culture in the Sixth World - Music, Pro Sports, Sim Sense, Trideo and News Biz
7110 1st Shadowtech 2050 Additional cyberware, first bioware
7112 2nd Paranormal Animals of Europe 2053 Awakened critters
7113 2nd Corporate Shadowfiles 2054 Corporations
7114 2nd Fields of Fire 2055 Mercenarys, military gear, weapons and vehicles
7115 2nd Lone Star 2054 Details on the law enforcement (police) corporation Lone Star Security Services, inc.
7116 2nd Prime Runners 2055 Various Non Player Characters with profiles and stats
7117 2nd Bug City 2056 Chicago taken over by bug spirits
7118 2nd Corporate Security Handbook 2055 Security technology
7119 2nd Cybertechnology 2056 Additional Cyberware
7120 2nd Awakenings 2057 Additional Magic
7121 2nd Threats 2057 Dangerous organizations
7122 2nd Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets 2057 the last will of the great dragon Dunkelzahn
7123 2nd Underworld Sourcebook 2058 Details on the criminal underworld - mob, yakuza, triads, seoulpa rings, gangs and so on
7124 2nd Cyberpirates 2059 Details on the Caribean League, the Philippineas, West Africa and of course pirates
7201 1st Seattle Sourcebook 2049–2051 First Seattle sourcebook.
7202 1st Native American Nations Volume One 2051–2052
7203 1st London Sourcebook 2051–2054 Details on London,
7204 1st Germany Sourcebook 2053–2054 Germany - the Allied German States - in the Sixth World
7206 1st Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America 2051–2052
7207 1st Native American Nations Volume Two 2051–2052
7208 2nd The Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life 2053
7209 2nd California Free State 2057 the California Free State
7210 2nd Tir Tairngire 2054 Tír Tairngire, elven nation in the former Oregon
7211 2nd Tír na nÓg 2053–2054 Tír na nÓg, the former Ireland
7212 2nd Denver: The City of Shadows 2055 Denver (Boxed Set)
7213 2nd Aztlan 2056 Aztlan, the former Mexico
7214 2nd Target: UCAS 2058 Details on the political system of the UCAS, Boston, Post-Bug City Chicago and Detroit
7215 2nd Target: Smuggler Havens 2059 Details on New Orleans and Vladivostok, and of course, on smuggling hotspots.

Third edition

Title Notes
7125 3rd Corporate Download 2061 Guide to corporations
7216, 10657 & 25009 3rd New Seattle 2060 New Seattle sourcebook
7219 3rd Target: Matrix 2061 Details on Matrix locations, Matrix based organizations and legendary deckers
10650 3rd Year of the Comet 2061 The year, when Halley visits the awakened world
10651 3rd Target: Awakened Lands 2062 Details on Australia and some magical sites worldwide.
10652 3rd Threats 2 2062 Details on various dangerous organizations
10653 3rd Target: Wastelands 2062 Details on various ecodisasters and naturally inhospitable places like deserts, deep sea or space
10655 & 25015 3rd Shadows of North America 2062 Details on all North American Countries (exccept Aztlan and the Caribean League)
10664 & 25013 3rd State of the Art: 2063 2063
10666 3rd Dragons of the Sixth World 2063 Details on dragons, especially the great dragons and lesser named ones
10667 3rd Sprawl Survival Guide 2063
10673 3rd The Shadowrun Character Dossier 2064
25002 3rd Shadows of Europe 2063 Details on most European countries
25003 3rd Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book 2064
25004 3rd State of the Art: 2064 2064
25006 3rd Loose Alliances 2064 Details on various organizations, political and other
25007 3rd Shadows of Asia 2064 Details on most of Asian countries
25011 3rd Shadows of Latin America[1] 2064 Unpublished, drafts released by the authors.
25014 3rd System Failure 2064 The second Matrix crash

Fourth edition

Title Notes
26005 (FanPro) 4th Runner Havens 2070 Describes Seattle and Hong Kong, and in a minor fashion, Caracas, Istanbul, Hamburg and Capetown.
26101 4th Running Wild Describes critters, animals, non-human sapients, wild spirits and feral AI. Classified as "Core supplement" for 4th ed.
26201 4th Corporate Enclaves 2071 Details about Los Angeles and Neo-Tokyo. Blurbs on Dubai, Europort, Manhattan, Nairobi, and Tenochtitlan. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26202 4th Feral Cities 2071 Details about Chicago and Lagos. Blurbs on Bogota, GeMiTo, Geneva, Karavan, and Sarajevo. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26203 4th Vice Describes organized crime. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26240 4th Seattle 2072 2072 An updated Seattle sourcebook. Classified as "Core supplement" for 4th ed.
26602 4th The Rotten Apple: Manhattan 2071 A New York sourcebook. (PDF only)
26221 4th Corporate Guide A guide to corporations. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26301 4th Emergence 2070 Describes the coming out of the technomancers and AIs. Classified as "Plot" for 4th ed (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26302 4th Ghost Cartels 2071 Describes the worldwide distribution of a new drug. Classified as "Plot" for 4th ed (part setting, part a campaign framework).
26205 4th Sixth World Almanac Complete Timeline for Shadowrun. Briefs on many (but not all) countries. Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26241 4th Attitude 2073 Described as "repository of 6th world culture." Classified as "Setting" for 4th ed.
26206 4th War! 2073 Describes the conflict between the Aztlan and Amazonia. Details Bogotá. Blurbs on Poland, Council of Marienbad, Somalia, Nepal and Albuquerque. Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
(upcoming) 4th Conspiracy Theories Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
26209 4th Street Legends Various Non Player Characters with stats, Classified as "Settings" for 4th ed.
26207 4th Spy Games An updated Denver location sourcebook. Classified as "Deep Shadows" for 4th ed.
26100 4th Runner's Toolkit
26504 4th 10 Gangs Describes 10 different criminal gangs (PDF only)
26651 4th 10 Jackpointers Describes 10 members of the Jackpoint network (PDF only)
26S003 4th Parazoology Additional critters (PDF only)

Japanese game books

The following are original works (not translations) published by Suzaku Games for Shadowrun 4th Edition. They are the size of paperback novels but have actual dust jackets as well.

  • Street Angels (ストリートの天使たち) (2007) ISBN 4-7753-0568-9 – Amazon.co.jp
  • Beginner's Bad Luck (ビギナーズ・バッドラック) (2010) ISBN 4-7753-0614-6 – Amazon.co.jp
  • Travel Angels (旅する天使たち) (2010) ISBN 4-7753-0876-9 – Amazon.co.jp
  • Street Angels Revised (ストリートの天使たち 改訂版) (2010) ISBN 4-7753-0877-7 – Amazon.co.jp


  • 7205 Universal Brotherhood
  • 7301 DNA/DOA
  • 7302 Mercurial
  • 7303 Dreamchipper
  • 7304 Queen Euphoria
  • 7305 Bottled Demon
  • 7306 Harlequin
  • 7307 Dragon Hunt
  • 7308 Total Eclipse
  • 7309 Imago
  • 7310 Elven Fire
  • 7311 Ivy & Chrome
  • 7312 One Stage Before
  • 7313 Dark Angel
  • 7314 A Killing Glare
  • 7315 Celtic Double Cross
  • 7316 Eye Witness
  • 7317 Paradise Lost
  • 7318 Divided Assets
  • 7319 Double Exposure
  • 7320 Harlequins Back
  • 7322 Super Tuesday
  • 7323 Shadows of the Underworld
  • 7324 Predator and Prey
  • 7325 Missions
  • 7326 Mob War
  • 7327 Blood in the Boardroom
  • 7328 Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
  • 7329 First Run
  • 7330 Corporate Punishment
  • 7331 Brainscan

Fourth Edition

  • 26003 On The Run
  • 26302 Ghost Cartels
  • 60181 Bad Moon Rising in the East (eBook only release)
  • 26400 Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk (first of four adventures)
  • 26401 Dawn of the Artifacts: Midnight (second of four adventures)
  • 26402 Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour (third of four adventures)
  • 26403 Dawn of the Artifacts: New Dawn (fourth of four adventures)
  • XXXXX Artifacts Unbound (conclusion for the four adventures, to be released)
  • 26405 A Fistful of Credsticks (A Horizon Adventure, first of three adventures)
  • 26406 Anarchy Subsidized (A Horizon Adventure, second of three adventures)
  • 265005 99 Bottles (eBook only, an adventure, also it was announced as "enhanced fiction")

Miscellaneous items

  • 7111 Downtown Militarized Zone
  • 7401 Sprawl Maps
  • 7701 High Tech and Low Life - The Art of Shadowrun


There were two short lived, FASA approved, paper magazines for Shadowrun. The first—KA•GE—was published by The Shadowrun Network, with thirteen issues. The second—Shadowland—was published by Sword of the Knight Publications, with seven issues.

Publication Date
Real World In Game
Issue Zero Origins ’91 2052-06-23
Vol.1, Issue One Oct. 1991 2052-09-20
Vol.1, Issue Two Winter 1991 2052-12-05
Vol.1, Issue 3 First Quarter 1992 2053-03-12
Vol.1, Issue 4 Second Quarter 1992 Summer 2053
Vol.1, Issue 5 Third Quarter 1992 Fall 2053
Vol.1, Issue 6 Fourth Quarter 1992 Winter 2053
Vol.1, Issue 7 First Quarter 1993 Spring 2054
Vol.1, Issue 8 Second Quarter 1993 Summer 2054
Vol.1, Issue 9 Third Quarter 1993 Fall 2054
Vol.1, Issue 10 Fourth Quarter 1993 Winter 2054
Vol.1, Issue 2 First Quarter 1994 Spring 2055
Vol.1, Issue 12 2nd Quarter 1994 Summer 2055

If there was no in game date on the cover, the most recent date-stamp within the issue is listed.
This was Issue 11, but somehow the eleven was misinterpreted as a roman numeral and changed into a "2".

Publication Date
Real World In Game
Vol. 1 Oct/Nov/Dec 1995 2056-10-21
Vol. 2 December 1995 2056-12-22
Vol. 3 April 1996 2057-03-04
Vol. 4 August 1996 2057-07-25
Vol. 5 December 1996 2057-08-17
Vol. 6 April 1997 2058-02-27
Vol. 7 October 1997 none listed

The most recent date-stamp within the issue.

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  1. On 16 January 2010, the current Shadowrun Line Developer stated that Shadows of Latin America would not be published. Plans by the writers to self-publish did not succeed, and several writers made their final drafts available for non-commercial use.
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