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This is a lists of attractions in Seattle arranged by district:


  • Auburn Mall - Shopping mall, largest in Auburn
  • Clone Zone - Shopping mall, popular place for trading and sale of black market deck hardware and software
  • Stuck’s Carnival - Casino; everything done to excess


  • Bellevue Art Museum - Pacific coast art
  • Bellevue Square - Shopping mall, two nightclubs; Angel’s Express (Yakuza) and the Dragon’s Roar (Mafia)
  • Main Place Arcade - Shopping mall, bias against metahumans, possible Humanis ties
  • Thomas Vintners - Seattle’s only winery

Council Island[]

  • Aquaculture Lodge - Fish hatchery and restocking facility
  • Eagle Lodge - Aviary raising rare eagles, hawks and falcons for release into the wild
  • Medicine Lodge - A clearing decorated with totem poles and dedicated to the patron totems of the Salish
  • Museum Lodge - Pacific Northwest Native American history

Downtown Seattle[]

  • Aurora Village - Shopping mall, 200 shops
  • Bagley Wright Theater - Home of the Seattle Repertory Theater
  • Center House - Shopping mall, 10 stories of shops
  • Downtown Library - Main public library
  • Evergreen Kingdom - Amusement park in Seattle Center
  • Exhibition Hall - Convention center
  • Northgate Mall - Home of the Play Fair nightclub, the last Concrete Dreams venue
  • Omnidome
  • Pike Place Farmer’s Market - Shopping mall, large open-air marketplace
  • Renton Mall - Shopping mall
  • Seattle Aquarium - Focused on the sea life of Puget Sound and the study of paranatural sea creatures. Admission: 6¥ (adults), 3¥ (children, students and seniors)
  • Seattle Art Museum Pavillion - Museum holding a large collection of local and Salish art
  • Seattle Coliseum - Convention center and sports arena
  • Seattle Convention and Trade Center - Convention center, huge and multi-leveled
  • Seattle University - University, ivy-covered campus and a celebrated Magical Studies program
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Airport, 39 airlines, two floors, security provided by Lone Star and corporate security divisions
  • Space Needle
  • University of Washington - Oldest university in the Pacific Northwest, celebrated computer sciences program
  • YMCA - Health club (Yeah, right...)


  • Alderwood Mall - Shopping mall
  • Casino Corner - Casinos run by the Everett Mafia
  • Everett Beacon Mall - Shopping mall
  • Everett Community College - The site of considerable human/metahuman tension,
  • Lynwood Library - large (Rating 6) hermetic library
  • Mukliteo City Park - Park close to Puget Sound, haven for local chipheads at night

Fort Lewis[]

  • Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens
  • McChord Airfield Visitors Center
  • Pacific University - University, best known for music and magic theory programs
  • Parkland Mall - Shopping mall, frequent discounts for soldiers


  • Crime Mall
  • Hell’s Kitchen


  • Redmond Center Mall - Shopping mall
  • Squatters’ Mall - Shopping mall; squatters have taken over the abandoned mall and sell BTL chips and other black market items out of it


  • Auburn Center - Shopping mall
  • Maple Valley Mall - Shopping mall
  • Renton Center Mall - Shopping mall, very upscale


  • Blackstone’s Museum and Zoo of the Paranatural
  • Bothell Mall - Shopping mall
  • Lake Forest Park - Park, nighttime battleground between local human and metahuman gangs


  • Charles Royer Station - Transportation depot; train station for bullet trains to San Francisco, also local heliport, built in the style of a 1930s train station
  • Crying Wall
  • Sea-Tac Mall - Shopping mall
  • Tacoma Ferry Terminal - Links Tacoma with downtown Seattle and Everett
  • Tacoma Mall - Oldest shopping mall in Tacoma, quaint and middle-class
  • Villa Plaza - Shopping mall