This is a list of medical facilities in Seattle arranged by district:

Auburn[edit | edit source]

Bellevue[edit | edit source]

Council Island[edit | edit source]

Downtown Seattle[edit | edit source]

Downtown Seattle has twelve hospitals and clinics. The major ones include Harborview, Seattle Health Maintenance Organization, Seattle General, DocWagon, MCT Public Health and University Hospital. There are also a fair number of legal body shops like Executive Body Enhancements, Nightengale’s Body Parts, and Body+Tech boutiques, along with illegal ones like Fast Freddie’s Surgery down on the docks.

>>Nightengale’s Body Parts is a private hospital that used to belong to Fuchi. Novatech runs the place now; it’s got a cutting-edge enhancement clinic used by the corp’s own people and anyone Richard Villiers happens to favor. They can do some wizzer mods, though I suspect the quality of resources isn’t what it used to be. Last I heard, Nightengale’s was the place to go if you had the cred and the connections.<<
- Doc U-Dub

>> Some of the docs at Seattle General make a little extra cred slipping body parts out the back door, to what are rumored to be Yakuza dealers. The parts find their way mostly to Fast Freddie’s, usually via the First Nations gang. Lone Star has broken up this twisted black market at least twice, but as long as demand exists, someone will find a way to renew the supply.<<
- Nuyen Nick

Everett[edit | edit source]

Fort Lewis[edit | edit source]

Puyallup[edit | edit source]

Redmond[edit | edit source]

Renton[edit | edit source]

Snohomish[edit | edit source]

Tacoma[edit | edit source]

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