The Llama de la Libertad (Flames of Freedom) is an insurgent group in Yucatán.

Llama de la Libertad (Flames of Freedom, FF) was the largest of the revolutionary groups in Aztlan. It was mostly focused in Yucatan with important bases in Denver, Caracas, and the Caribbean League. The FF promoted itself as a rebellion based in Mexican and indigenous communities suffering under colonial oppression.

The organization consisted of college-educated leftists, idealistic poetic career revolutionaries, poor indigenous natives, and mercenaries. In its struggle against Aztlan it was known to employ child soldiers as young as 12 years. Running the guerrilla army was its secretive Revolutionary Council, of which its only known member was the feathered serpent Pobre.

NOTE: It's not clear what has happened to the insurgent group after the end of the war in 2064. In which per the peace treaty between Aztlan and the rebels, Yucatan was given autonomy.

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