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Lone Star Security Services (or LSSS), headquartered in Austin, Texas, CAS, is one of the more prominent public security companies in North America. It has contracts of municipal policing from Corpus Christi to Seattle (prior to 2072).

Lone Star operates directly in the CAS and the UCAS. It holds 62% of all security contracts in the UCAS. The percentage is even higher in the CAS, due to its public relations image as a reincarnation of the Texas Rangers. The corporation also runs many prisons for the UCAS and CAS federal governments.

A subsidiary of Lone Star, Gendarmerie, is Quebec's main provider of law enforcement, border patrol, and customs. LSSS also deals with the private sector, providing Matrix, magical, or conventional security to corporations and individuals. It also has non-security concerns, such as selling insurance or research. In most parts of North America, Lone Star is thought to be synonymous with "the law", "the cops", or "the police", even though it remains, at its heart, a corporation. The current CEO is Theodore W.D. Winslow.


Clayton Wilson formed Lone Star Security Services on July 22, 2017 from the merger of Bartholomew Security and Absolute Software. In 2020, Lone Star secured its first citywide contract with Corpus Christi, when the Corpus Christi Police Department went on strike. The strikers were fired and Lone Star was hired. When the Seattle Police Department went on strike in February 2023, Seattle Metroplex Governor Charles C. Lindstrom also made the decision to dissolve the Seattle PD and hire Lone Star.

Lone Star achieved extraterritorial status on September 28, 2032.

Due to Lone Star's disregard for civil liberties, in 2035, Corpus Christi canceled its contract with Lone Star and hired the Houston Police Corporation. The symbolic loss of Lone Star's first municipal contract caused a corporate shakeup. Clayton Wilson was replaced as CEO by his younger half-brother James Wilson when James had formed an alliance with board member Wendy Manderscheid. James Wilson was able to change corporate culture and inspire confidence enough that Corpus Christi switched back to Lone Star. James Wilson's handpicked successor, Theodore W.D. Winslow, became the current CEO in 2051.

In late 2071, Lone Star suffered a substantial setback as it was stripped of its contract to provide security for the Seattle metroplex, due to an apparent inability to apprehend the Mayan Cutter, and several failures related to the spread of tempo.

Typical Organization[]

In each city for which Lone Star has a contract, the head of Lone Star in the region is the Chief of Police. Underneath the Chief is a Deputy Chief at each headquarters in the city. Subordinate to the Deputy Chief are the Divisional Chiefs. There is one Divisional Chief per Division per HQ. Divisions are either part of the Enforcement Arm or the Corporate Arm. The head of each police precinct is a Captain. The head of a division at a police precinct is a Chief Lieutenant. Each department of a division at a precinct will have one Lieutenant and numerous Sergeants. The Enforcement Arm is divided as follows:

  • Division of Patrol - the public face of the police, cruising the streets and first responders.
    • Department of Air Patrol - drones and air vehicles, including Nothrup Wasps and Wandjina RPVs
    • Department of Highway Patrol - speeding tickets and highway safety, enforced by GMC Harpy LAVs
    • Department of Shore Patrol - on the water and under-budget
    • Department of Street Patrol - beat cops on foot, on motorcycles, or in patrol cars
    • Department of Traffic - meter maids and traffic cops
    • Fast Response Team - the Brute Squad, frequently in turf wars with SWAT
  • Division of Matrix Security - "GridSec"
  • Division of Paranormal Investigations - "the Dips". Magical security, policing, and licensing. Also provides services privately as Silver Dawn.
    • Department of Magical Research
  • Division of Drug and Chip Enforcement - the former Drug Enforcement Agency, purchased by Lone Star in 2032
  • Division of Special Tactics - "TacDiv"
    • Demolitions - the Bomb Squad
    • Dispatch
    • Riot Control
    • SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics
    • Irregular Assets - bounty hunters and shadowrunners
  • Division of Investigation
    • Department of Forensics
      • Questioned Documents
      • (Meta)human Identification
      • Ballistics and Firearms Investigations
      • Toolmarks and Fibers
      • Forensic Chemistry and Biochemistry
      • Forensic Toxicology
      • Forensic Photography
    • Department of Homicide
    • Organized Crime Department (OCD)
    • Department of Robbery
    • Department of Special Investigations - missing person and cold case files, as well as private requests from individuals and corporations
    • Department of Surveillance
      • Remote Surveillance Section
    • Department of Vice and Morality - rape, prostitution, suicide, domestic abuse, hate crimes

The Corporate Arm is divided as follows:

  • Division of Internal Affairs - the ones who watch the watchers
  • Division of Administration
    • Public Relations Department
    • Personnel Department
    • Department of Records
  • Division of Penology - probation/parole, transfers to prison, bail
    • Department of Parole and Probation
  • Division of Psychology - outreach programs, behavior modification, counseling, and behavior research
    • Department of Counseling
  • Research & Development Division
    • Psychological Research Department
    • Computer Research Department
    • Technical Research Department
  • Corporate Security Division - competes heavily with Knight Errant
  • Military Liaison Division - Lone Star's private army, though it may be hired out to corporations or nations

Lone Star Insurance Corporation and the Department of Records share information.[1]

Lone Star Seattle[]

(as of 2060 to late 2071)

  • Headquarters: 2nd Avenue and Union Street, Downtown Seattle
  • Chief of Police: William Louden
  • Deputy Chief: Tyler Grummet
  • Enforcement Division Chief: Captain Kyle Palmer
    • Department of Magical Investigation: Captain Walter Westcott
  • Corporate Division Chief: Captain Angela Dumont
  • Shadowriders Division Chief: Captain Franklin Marrs
  • Paranormal Investigations Director: Frasier Simington

Seattle 2071[]

Due to Lone Star losing its Seattle contract:

Chief William Loudon is "cleaning toilets at some company-run prison in Louisiana".

Paranormal Investigations Director Frasier Simington leaves, forming a small competitor company called: "Ex-Astra Astral Security Services". Taking much of Lone Star Magical Talent with him, as well as clients.

The new Seattle Division Head is Deke Winslow, formerly out of Austin; rumored to be adopted nephew or grandson of CEO Theodore W.D. Winslow.

The Shadowriders[]

The Shadowriders are unique to Lone Star Seattle. They are a black ops unit that does shadowruns and hires or hunts down shadowrunners. They appear in the early 2050s, and "ceased operations" sometime around 2061. [2]

In 2075, a new group calling themselves Shadowriders operating in several Lone Star-contracted cities throughout the CAS and UCAS using similar tactics as previous incarnations. Individual shadowrunners and shadowrunner teams are often targeted, along with using tactics like a Special Forces unit.

Officially, the project is listed as the "Mobile Projects Division" [2] and is head by Captain Nathanial Granger, a twenty-five-year veteran officer. Other Shadowrider officers are identified only by their code names on all official records.



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