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Loo - (Name of birth: Lorenzo di Santos, but if you call him so, he may break you minimum three ribs.) is an ork of Philippines origin and the gang leader of the Hamburg based chapter of the «Chinese Deadly Dwarfs» gang.

After he and his gangers messed up with the largest and most violent streetgang in the Hamburg district of Altona - the «Holsten Zombies» - they were forced to flee the city by pain of death. After a short - and unsuccessful - drop-in in Rostock they acquired a new "home turf" in an old, abandoned castle in a coastal part of Denmark heavyly damaged by the Black Tide. There he and his fellow gangers managed to steal electric power from a wind energy project and start some small smuggling business and a little piracy in Northern Sea.

He and his gangers sell the most of their stolen goods and conterbande to the Vikings in the Scandinavian Union, especially to those in Oslo but some times even in Sweden. Loo has established good connections to the Oslo based fixers, fences and some streetdocs of one or two smaller black clinics.

He commands just 25 to 30 gangers, including a young, female dolphin shaman, which is called Mishiwa Kai-Tang. Because he lost his younger sister (a four years old ork girl) on the Island of Yomi when he was still only twelve years himself, the gang leader is completely unable to do a young girl any harm. Also some may call this a handicap to a gang leader, he doesn't share this view at all.

Gaming Profile[]

Name: Loo
Name of birth: Lorenzo di Santos
Country of origin: Phillipines
Metatype: Ork
B:5 Q:6 S:5 I:4 W:5 C:5 Ess: 5.00 Mag: 0 Rea: ? PR: ?


Dice Pools:

Active Skills: Athletics(Swimming):5(7) Diving:3 Motocycles(Jetskis):3(6) Jetskis B/R:2(4) Moto Ships:2 Unarmed Combat(Escrima):4(6) Clubs:4 Pistols:4 Cyber implanted Weapons (Hand Blade):3(5) Etiquette(Gang):3(5) Negotiation(Fast Talk):2(4)

Knowledge Skills: Gang Identification(Northern AGS):3(5) Modern Piracy(Northern Sea):2(4) Nautical Skill:2 Small Boats:2 Boarding Tactics:3 Yomi:2 Hamburg(Docklands):2(4) BTL Trading:3 Smuggling Routes AGS - Scandinavia:3 Hoverball:2

Language Skills:German[R/W]:3[1,5] Chinese(Shanghai)[R/W]:1[-] Norwegian[R/W]:1[-] Filipino[R/W]:2[1]

Cyberware: hand blades (right) smartlink 1 chipjack

On-Person Gear: average club, knife, HK P8, Ceska Black Scorpion, "Mortimer of London: Crimson Sky"-jacket, synth-leather clothing, boots, wrist phone.

Stored Gear:Extra ammo for both guns, one chaff flare, two HE grenades, flak vest, credstick reader (2), 300 m rope and grapplin hook, various simsense chips ("Black Corsair", "Red Pirate", "Pirates of Spanish Main", "Sea Wolves - Corsairs on all Seas" and so on), four lingua softs: "English", "Swedish", "Norwegian", "Dutch".

Personal Vehicles: Yamaha Rapier Motocycle, Yamaha Waverunner Jetski

Yamaha Rapier
Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Sig Auto Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
3/6 195 10 2 0 2 1 - 0 1 40
Seating Entry Fuel Econ S/B L/T Chass SI Avail Base Cost
1 - G(35L) 10 km/L - - Racing Bike 1 2/24 hrs 25,000
Yamaha Waverunner
Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Sig Auto Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
2 130 10 2 0 2 1 - 0 1 38
Seating Entry Fuel Econ S/B L/T Chass SI Avail Base Cost
1 - G(35L) 10 km/L - - jetski 1 3/7 days 25,000

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