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The Lord Protector's Offices[]

The Lord Protector's Offices are the bureaux through which the Lord Protector wields his considerable power in England.

Licensing Bureau[]

This division deals with the licensing of Magic users, Cyberware and Cyberware-related patents among other things. As a rule of thumb, if it's restricted by law, then it is handled by the Licensing Bureau.

Oversight Board[]

This division is sinister in its nature. It acts in the nation's interests on matters of national security, using the SAS when necessary to deal with any situation not covered directly by law. The Oversight Board is most used when an powerful figure takes an aversion to a situation and pleads for action. Notably the Oversight Board are not without error, often harassing innocent civilians or more realistically, people who are guilty of something other than the reason for their punishment.

Information Directorate[]

The Information Directorate is charged with maintaining and protecting C-Net, the Chancellory Network part of the Matrix, which contains sensitive and junk data apparently at random. A crude anti-intruder measure as one must crawl through vast amounts of mundane info. The security measures present in the C-Net are some of the most powerful in the world.

Education Bureau[]

This division does exactly what it says on the tin. It approves all syllabi for secondary and university level education, appointing headteachers and other important educational positions.

The Education Bureau has control of the entire Education budget, which is why it has so much power.

Administrative Bureau[]

The Administrative Bureau is slow and inefficient. It, unlike the Oversight Board, does not require official paperwork to be nosy in anybody's business. The Administrative Bureau jointly trains all civil servants with the Education Bureau.


In 2071 after widepread unrest, the protesting of 2 million people in London and Queen Caroline's support for the protestors, the Lord Protector's Offices were shutdown and the Lord Protector went into voluntary exile. Since then the new British Gouvernment learned eventually, that a complete shutdown of the Lord Protector's Office would be impracticable. So - with the help of HKB - they started an ongoing process to reform the Office without having a new Lord Protector.