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Los Hermanos del Mar (The Brothers of the Sea) is a gang of thrill-seeking pirates and smugglers working of the southern California coastline.

Membership: 60

Overview[edit | edit source]

The gang originated in East Los Angeles and was pushed out by the Burning Angels. It relocated further south and established its base in the former remains of San Juan Capistrano. The gang accepts into its ranks men and women of any ethnicity or race, and both humans and metahumans. It's leadership is Latino with a Mestizo ork by the name of Jorge calling the shots. The heirs to the gang are his children (4 sons, 3 daughers) whom all get along well. Jorge runs the day-to-day operations but has delegated the smuggling to a newcomer, Jill. The gang has approximately 60 members. It uses jet-skis, speed boats, and small cargo ships in its criminal activities.[1]

Activities[edit | edit source]

Los Hermanos del Mar are left pretty much alone by the authorities from both Aztlan and the PCC. They find the gang's smuggling activities useful for their operations and will on occasion use their services. The gang's main activity is the smuggling of food and water from the Los Angeles sprawl to the outlying areas (e.g. the Mojave Desert). Smuggling of weapons, prostitutes, and CalHot chips is also done by the gang, and if the price is right they will even smuggle supplies to Hawaii. They also do exploration of the Deep Lacuna and will produce SIMs of their activities which they sell. Los Hermanos del Mar will also work for various syndicates if the pay is good, and have connections with both the Triads and the Koshari.[2]

NOTE[edit | edit source]

Being a Latino gang from East L.A., it means it is either a "Sureno" gang or it's descended from a Sureno gang. Therefore it is possibly affiliated with the Mexican Mafia.[1][2]

References[edit | edit source]

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