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Los Verdugos are a Latino metahuman gang that controls the eastern half of the city of San Bernardino which is in the Los Angeles sprawl.[1] It is one of the oldest gangs in North America, rivaling the Latin Kings and Mexican Mafia for longevity, being approximately 120 years old having its foundation sometime in the 1950s.

Membership: Unknown (as a mid-sized gang, likely hundreds)


They are completely made of Latino orcs. It's a gang known for being anti-human and anti-elf racists, often butting heads with the L.A. based chapter of the Ancients as well as with the white male norm only biker gang of the Iron Crosses. Members are particularly violent toward non-Latinos and humans. They are also known for marking their turf with hanged victims, dangeling from balconys and lantern's posts. Their colours are black synth-leather jackets with a white hangman's noose on back. The gang make their income with armed robbery, kidnap, extortion, drug dealing, & BTL chips.[2][3]


Being a Latino gang from San Bernardino, it means it is either a "Sureno" gang or it's descended from a Sureno gang. Therefore it is possibly affiliated with the Mexican Mafia.[1][2]


In the San Bernardino area, there is a Latino gang whom call themselves Verdugos. It's the largest and most powerful gang in the San Bernardino County. It's a multi-generational gang that has been around since the 1950s, is a Sureno gang (which includes most Latino gangs in Southern California) and is under the influence of the Mexican Mafia prison gang.[3][4]


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