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Lu Peng is a major shareholder in Wuxing.

Lu Peng currently owns 15% of the company's shares, which increased from 12%.[1][2] He is a mysterious old eccentric man who is rarely publicly seen, normally is alone, and has a modest lifestyle.[3] He has been on Wuxing's Board of Directors since the beginning. The man has attended every single board meeting. He has no bills, no recorded residence, no bank accounts, and no Matrix presence.[4]

When it comes to the physical description of Fu Peng, it varies wildly. He has considerable power within Wuxia and a close relationship with Wu Lung-Wei. Lu Peng is a rival of Sharon Chiang-Wu, as he keeps pushing Wuxing toward more ruthless and darker agendas.[5] There have long been rumors that he is a Triad boss, a spirit, and/or a geomancer without equal. Lu Peng has displayed magical abilities, though it's not known if he is a mage or not. He also has reputation for being seen in two place or more at the same time. He also has meetings with the Quints, and the reason for the meetings and what is discussed is unknown.[3][6]


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