Luke (2052-present) is an aspiring shadowrunner. Young white male mage, UCAS citizen, raised in Seattle, university student.

Intro story[edit | edit source]

Johnson-man, here's the info you wanted on the subject.

For starters, his SIN is a joke. Cheap fake, and a little digging shows this [link]: yes, he has a real SIN. Which made this job much easier, but if he doesn't get a better one... not my problem, but his, definitely. And his Novatech Airwave Iris Obis “combo” is nothing to write home about…

So. Subject real name is Luke Marshall. Born in 2052, 18 June, in Seattle, and spent most life there. Human, just like his parents. Father, Ken, mid-level bureaucrat for UCAS, engineer. Mother, graphic designer, Matrix freelancer, but clean - no hacking skill, at least nothing I could find. Just standard middle class family. Relatives in Europe, UK - that's the only interesting thing that I could find - so really, just boring sinners.

Luke was a boring sinner too for most of his life. Not the brightest fish in the pond, but got decent grades. Parents could afford above average schools - Bendelblaum High and such, just what you'd expect from middle class. See [link] for a gallery, family photos, school security, some standard matrix stuff, some videos. Hard to fake, really - and if you are a sinner... medical records [link]. They get more interesting later, but for now, check those vids [link]. Extra-curriculum activities: football (little surprise) and archery club (not that common but...). Big, burly, but clumsy. Seems to spend lots of time watching/playing superhero shows, fantasy flavor, etc.

Now we are getting to interesting part. 2066, June 20th. Check: 1) Lone Star report [link]: two gangers found maimed in an alley. 2) Luke's medical files [link]: lucky to be alive, beaten, cut and shot, claims memory loss... and this 3) is my favorite: video by thrill hunters, [link]. A friend of mine made a good face recognition soft and I was testing a beta version (lemme know if you want to buy it, I can get you a discount), and it found this: 78% match to the faces, and 99.9% to place. Time is shredded, but weather/day of time match to 54%. So the two lowlifes "pick up" a girl and try to have some "fun". Then Luke enters. Maybe plays a hero, or maybe is just in the wrong place, wrong time. Gets the hell pounded off him, drops. As expected: he is strong, but slow. And not that bright, perhaps. Then when they turn their back on them... 27 seconds, he is unconscious. 20 seconds later, they are dead. Or dying? The boy was quick, wasn't he? And good with a bow, although some of the stuff that was flying in that alley was weird, or his arrows packed explosives... hard to say, but look at [link]. Also teaches you a lesson: don't drop your pants next to an enemy you are not sure is dead :) Anyway, as far as his medical records go, he had (and still has) no ware, so my guess is magic of some kind. Adept, probably.

This was his last year in High School. Seems he got into more trouble with the local gangers - I'd bet on purpose - but of course Lone Star or the local secservs would favor a middle class boy than some gangers (and for once, I have no problem with their decision making processes). I counted seven incidents, two fatalities [link]. In all cases Luke walked away, and the cases were qualified as assaults upon the poor boy (and/or other more or less innocent locals). Kid seemed to be playing a hero (see store security camera, [link]) or maybe has some issues with the gangers. Can take a lot of punishment, too, and also usually slow and clumsy, can get a nice speed boost when needed... not sure if he is playing slow, or gets some boost from magic or wares (although as far as his medical record goes, and they look like the real thing to me, he still has no wares). Oh, and I would not be surprised if somebody at LoneStar would be aware of what is really going and and just looking the other way as long as it is the gangers who are getting pummeled...

Anyway, the standard MAT (Magic Aptitude Test) all kids take in the schools showed he was Awakened. So his parents send him to the UDub. Fancy place - and good for him, with his grades he was lucky to find anything good. Especially as he seemed to be skipping classes a lot in the few months after the incident... But if you are Awakened and are paying the tuition, that place will give you something to do for a few years, and a nice diploma afterwards. Oh, and he is renting a place near the dorms - under his real SIN [link]. No comment.

UDub sec system was a bit tougher but although they have some interesting well guarded areas, student info is not one of them. Seems he took interest in some classes, but was and is still struggling to get passing grades. His teachers seem convinced he has raw potential, but he seems to be almost completely resistant to understanding and utilizing any of the common traditions. The fact that his teachers themselves are having trouble classifying him not even into a tradition, but on deciding whether he is a mage or an adept (see reports, [link]s), is not helping much :) He does seem to be spending lots of time into their talislabs, he even buys extra-time and supplies there (and seems to have caused at least one minor explosion, why I am not surprised...). He is a member of the college archery and renaissance clubs (he seems to be decent with a bow, although he doesn't show any above-average speed that we saw on that video...just what one could expect from an average sam, if you ask me). And the fact that he tends to skip classes and go 'ganger hunting', and lately took part in a few low-level runs, is not helping (at least, his classes, the kid seems to be either extremely lucky or at least much more decent in fighting then what he shows in class, otherwise he would simply stop being a problem to anybody anymore). Anyway, the runs: as far as I can tell he took part in five, all low-level by low fixers, skirting the shadows really, all involving ganger suppression (make them stop infesting certain areas, protect anti-gang rally, etc.). See [link] for more details, and check those two photos ([link]s) - seems he has a peculiar dressing style, medievelish rather heavy armor and such; he even wears medieval clothing to college and outdoors for fun (?, [links] to photos). Now for another interesting morsel: a few weeks ago (September 12) his rag-tag team seemed to have bitten more that they could have chew, they got some fatalities but were apparently rescued by a more serious team who happened to be passing by (I couldn't get any specific info on them, though - they have pro defenses, if you want that info, that's another job).

Anyway, that's the data you asked for,


Contacts[edit | edit source]

Aleks, shadowrunner Maestro, mage Dirk Kringe, Lone Star cop Silver Tongue, the Talismonger Sam, the Bartender Guyik, ex-gang member and informer

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