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Lusiada is a AA megacorporation headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. Its CEO is Emmanuel Salles. It has close ties with the Portugal government, with the Board of Lusiada practically running the country. The major shareholders include the government, four major shareholding families, Saeder-Krupp, and Wuxing.

Major Divisions[]

  • CNI (banking/insurance)
  • Lusiada Foreign Operations (all overseas interests)
  • Lusiada Infrastructure (construction)
  • Lusiada Naval Interests (shipping, naval construction)
  • Lusiada Técnica (microtronics)
  • Lusiada Telecom (telecom/MSP)
  • LusoAgronomica (agri-business)
  • LusoServices (services, policing, utilities)
  • Petrogas (petrochemical, natural gas)


  • Portuguese State (20%)
  • Espirito Santos family (15%)
  • Castro-Marins family (14%)
  • Champalimauds family (14%)
  • Balsemão family (12%)
  • Emanuel Salles (5%)
  • Saeder-Krupp (4%)
  • Wuxing (2%)


Lusiada was formed during the 2035-2040 Eurowars Recession as an amalgamation of most of the Portuguese businesses and corporations in order to keep them (and thus the country of Portugal) afloat. Proposed in 2036, the Godinho Plan (named after the Minister of Economy) called for the incorporation and nationalization of 150 industries and businesses in a single corporation. After the massive merger, the major shareholders were given equal stake in the new company, with the government buying out the smaller shareholders and foreign interests until it owned 20 percent. While historically this was considered a protective last-ditch gamble (that worked), some believe it was a carefully orchestrated coup take over the economy and government while removing the competition. When all was said and done, four families collectively owned more than 60 percent of the companies incorporated.

While technically rated as a AA megacorporation (requested and granted in 2040), its performance has been dull outside its native country. CEO Salles plans to spread out into new markets and revitalize the corporation, with the help of alliances with Saeder-Krupp and Wuxing.