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Mobile Eingreiftruppe 2000 (“Mobile Intervention Force 2000”) or MET2000 (also simply MET) is one of the largest mercenary forces in the world: 200,000 personnel (not counting the ARGUS agents) serve in the classic land, air and sea branches (sea being the smallest). MET 2000 is SOTA-equipped, soldiers are well-trained and almost everybody has cyberware to some degree.

Shareholders & Long Time Contracts[]

MET2000 is incorporated as an ÖAG, a partly public corporation. The major shareholders are:

Other big shareholders included Ares Macrotechnology and the Japanese Imperial State (which eventually sold its shares because of the conflict of interest, created by owning parts of Tsunami, the homegrown, Japanese mercenary force).
(also see the note below)

40% of all MET personnel have to stand ready for use by the AGS government. MET 2000 is doctrinally the offensive force of Germany as the Bundeswehr is a pure defense army. MET intelligence services subsidiary ARGUS also support the BND, the German foreign intelligence service.

A special MET unit, Special Task Force SOX, guards the borders of the irradiated SOX area.

MET 2000 after 2064[]

IFMU no longer exists as of 2065. The company was split up and the various parts went to different shareholders.
The Frankfurt Bank Association acquired IFMU's 21% share in MET2000 after the Second Crash.

During the Battle for Bogotá in early 2075 the old enemities between the MET 2000 and the Japanese mercenary outfit Tsunami escalated into an all-out war. Both mercenary firms suffered heavily losses, reducing them eventually to the brink of operability. This had the effect, that they were no longer the world biggest and second biggest mercenary outfit.


Differences between US and German material[]

The German sourcebook Deutschland in den Schatten lists MET2000 shareholders as Germany 34%, IFMU 21%, Ruhrmetall 18% and "large shareholders including Ares and Japan" 19%. The English translation of this sourcebook, Germany, lists Germany 34%, IFMU 21%, Ruhrmetall 18%, Ares 19% and "thousands of small shareholders" 18% (which makes a total of 110%).


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