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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy (MIT&T) is a world renowned university in Cambridge (part of the Boston-Metroplex in the UCAS).

Founded in 1861 in Boston as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the university soon became famous. In 1916 the campus moved across the Charles River to Cambridge. There it is a direct neighbor of Harvard University. Circa 2026 it started magical studies and changed its name to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Magic (MITM). By the 2050s the name changed again to the current MIT&T.

It has a close relationship to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research (DIMR) that is also headquartered in Boston. The small ManaDyne Corporation also benefit from the close relationship to the University.


Writing variants[]

Shadowrun's use of the school's name has been inconsistent: originally implying "MIT&M" while using "MITM, then trending toward MIT&T but with all three overlapping.

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