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Australian Mafia (Extent of their operations)

The Mafia (Australia) typically refers to the traditional Caucasian ethnic crime syndicates of Australia which formed an alliance in 2067 AD.


The Mafia is a coalition of ethnic syndicates who joined the "Melbourne Commissione" set up by Don Jonathan Hawkes. It was created per the advice of the European Mafia's Alta Commissione, who also backed Don Hawkes in his endeavor. Like the majority of their counterparts in Europe and North America, the Australian Mafia refuses to permit either women or metahumans into positions of authority.[1]



Many of the families are traditionalists and the most bigoted among the Mafia, refuse to hire metahumans as anything except disposable muscle. The Mafia refuses to permit metahumans into positions of authority.[2][3]

A fact that the Triads have been able to take advantage of as they are both more accepting of metahumans (actively recruiting them) and more willing to promote them (including to the highest and most powerful positions). The Triads go as far as to purposely recruit metahumans who are disaffected because of the lack of opportunities with the Mafia.[4][5]


The Mafia is for the most part a culturally conservative and traditional organization, which to put it mildly is chauvinistic in its view of women and therefore few women are members of Mafia crime families. In the traditional families, which are the majority if not most of them, the Mafia is closed to women. The Mafia has the same policy in regards to women as to metahumans when it comes to positions of authority.[2][6]


The Mafia is involved in a wide variety of activities including gambling, fraud, prostitution, gunrunning, pornography, loansharking, BTL chips, illegal drugs, and protection rackets. A few syndicates have criminal niche markets (e.g. telesma/magical items or illegal fights).[7][8][9]

Melbourne's crime families dominate the Australian Mafia and it is the center for both the Italian crime families and the Greek crime families. Outside of Melbourne, there are three other Mafia syndicates; the Darwin Mob in the Northwest Territory, the Afrikaner Brown Mob in Perth, and the Italian Gatto N'Drise in Sydney.[9] The Mafia families have also established operations in the Javanese Republic and in the state of New Guinea.[10][11]

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