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Magic is possibly the key difference between the Fifth World and the Sixth World. The return of magic to the world was called the Awakening, and those who were affected directly by magic are called the Awakened. The Awakening is generally believed to have occurred in the year 2011.

"Magician" generally refers to a magically active practitioner of any Magical Tradition.



  • Band-Aid – n. Shadowrunning magician who specializes in patching up teammates with healing spells.

  • Burnout – n. Magician or adept who has lost all or part of her magical ability (for example, due to too much cyberware).

  • Christmas Tree – n. A magician who relies heavily on foci and thus lights up on the astral plane.

  • Floaters – n. Watcher spirits.

  • Ghost – n. An astral form.

  • Gode (m.)/Gydje (f.) – n. A magician who follows the Norse tradition.

  • Groggy – n. or adj. Derogatory term for an aspected magician (from “half Awakened”).

  • Hitmage – n. Magical assassin.

  • Houngan (m.)/Mambo (f.) – n. A magician who follows the tradition of Voodoo.

  • Kannushi/Miko (f.) – n. A magician who follows the tradition of Shinto.

  • Koradji – n. A shaman that follows the Aboriginal tradition.

  • Manatech – n. or adj. Technology that interacts with magic.

  • Mundane – n. or adj. A person who does not possess magical ability; the state of being non-magical.

  • Nahualli – n. A magician who follows the Aztec tradition.

  • Ping – v. To detect a target with magic.

  • Poindexter – n. Derogatory term for a hermetic magician.

  • Shoes – n. The body left behind when a magician astrally projects (“I left my shoes in the car”).

  • Sleeper – n. or adj. Mundane.

  • Spellworm – n. Magician.

  • Theurgist – n. A magician who follows the Christian tradition.

  • Wage mage – n. Magician employed by a corporation. The expression is also used as an insult for a magician with no real talent or potential.

  • Wizzer Gang – n. Gang consisting of (usually young) magicians.

  • Wizpunk – n. Musical genre popular with young magicians; it employs illusions and astral components to heighten the experience.

  • Wizworm – n. Dragon.

  • Wujen – n. A magician who follows the tradition of Wuxing.

  • X-men – n. or adj. Derogatory term for adepts.

  • vYogi (m.)/Yogini (f.) – n. A magician who follows the Buddhist tradition.


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