Capital Kuala Lumpur
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Leaders Unknown
Population 35,847,000

Human: 51%
Elf: 9%
Dwarf: 12%
Ork: 21%
Troll: 3%
Other: 4%

Land area Unknown
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Malay: 60%, Chinese: 25%, Indian: 10%, Other: 5%
Major Languages Spoken English: 60%, Chinese: 25%, Indian: 10%, Other: 5%
Major Religions Islam: 45%, Buddhism: 25%, Hindu: 7%, Other: 5%,

None: 18%

Currency Nuyen (¥)

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Corporate Presence
Renraku Computer Systems in Kuala Lumpur (cd.78)
Malaysian Independent Bank (cd.107, tm.70-72)

== References ==

Communist government overthrown by Malaysian People's Front (sea.43).

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