Man-Of-Many-Names is a powerful initiate Dineh (Navajo) wolf shaman and one of the founding members of Jackpoint. Horizon classifies Man-Of-Many-Names as Subject 30MN75. He often appears as a young man with bonewhite hair, wears garbs with shamanic influence, and is missing his ring finger on his right hand.

Horizon believes that Man-Of-Many-Names was born between 2025-2030. But it is possible that he might be older then this. They also believe that Man-Of-Many-Names follows the totem of Owl, Bear, or the Horned Man.

Man-Of-Many-Names's father was a nuclear engineer, and it appeared that both his parents were mundane. His father seemed to reject magic, not wishing for the NAN to rely on it too heavily. So because of that, Man-Of-Many-Names did not participate in the Hataalii testing (used to find awakened children in the NAN) and did not discover that he was awaken until the age of 15. He attempted to discover and learn magic on his own but failed at it until he discovered his totem, Wolf. From there he kept the fact that he was awaken a secret to avoid being forced into a gang or military service.

Man-Of-Many-Names has a great knowledge of insect spirits and has spent a lot of time combating them. Before 2050, he destroyed an Ant hive in Amazonia. In 2052, he helped identify a bug spirit focus with Rodney Greybriar[1]. He predicted the events of Bug City a year before they happened and helped extract people from the CZ. He is also reported banshing a queen Ant in Africa single handedly.

He is also a skilled enchanter capable of crafting the links needed to summon Kokopelli, Frost spirits, and Domovoi.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Man-Of-Many-Names is soft-spoken and does not speak in hyperbole and boasting. However he often talks in cryptic riddles or metaphors. He will keep his word, and often tell his opponents what he is planning to do before he does it.

He will not often back down from a fight. However he does not attempt to harm bystanders, and will go out of his way to ensure their safety.

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Ironically, Man-Of-Many-Names has no other known aliases.

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