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Manalines and Power sites are areas so saturated with mana that magical energy becomes more potent and easier to manipulate.

Manalines are conduits of mystical power, crisscrossing the globe while connecting to power sites, spots of concentrated magical energy.[1]

Many manalines and power sites identified before and during the twentieth century continue to exist, while some have been destroyed by unharmonious construction and emotional and mental pollution. Others have drifted from their positions mapped prior to 2011, while new ones have spontaneously appeared after the December 24, 2011. Some of the early mapped manalines are easily identified by the megalith structures such as Stonehenge or the statues of Easter Island.

The intensity of manalines and power sites has been known to ebb over time. Much like areas with high background count, dramatic situations, natural events, and human habitation can also reduce or increase the potency of a manaline or a power site. Manalines and power sites can also be warped by environmental damage and become toxic.[2]

Mana lines[]

Manalines are typically referred by different names in many cultures, such as ley lines in Europe, feng-lung in China, song lines or dream paths in Australia. Other names include Heilige Linien’, fairy paths, dragon lines, spirit lines, or energy lines.The lines measure from half a meter to several meters in diameter, and they generate a significant background count around themselves.[3]

In addition to being sources of mana, mana lines can also be used to facilitate travel, or even to enter metaplanes.[4]

On the 2075 background count scale, the most powerful known manalines have a count (rating) of 15.[5]

A classification scheme from the mid 2070s divides the mana lines into:

  • Type D or Dragon Lines: related to geographic energies such as fault lines, volcanos or rivers. They are most common of the known mana lines and are considered to be naturally occurring.
  • Type L or Lay Lines: ancient lines assumed to be made by sentient beings. They are more direct and valuable than the Type D lines.
  • Type S or the Song Lines. Also artificial and most commonly found in Australia region; they also considered particularly suited for travel, particularly as the can form or lead to astral rifts or astral gates.[4][6]

Major mana lines include:

Name Continent Type Rating (old) Rating (new)
Great Cahokia Mound Web North America L 3[7] 6[5]
Chaco Canyon North America S 3
Harding Icefield North America D 2
Niagara Falls North America D 3
Mississippi River North America D 3
Mount Hood North America D 3
Mount Rainier North America D 3
Mount St. Helens North America D 3
Yellowstone Thermal Line North America D 3


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