Mang Baak is a former member of the Red Dragon Triad..

Mang Baak is a cybered ork, formerly of the Red Dragons. He was a Sze Kau who worked his butt off to keep up with his adept comrades. Relentlessly training and studying, assisted by some cybeware he had acquired over time.

Later on he was part of a Triad team which was sent to collect from a reagent dealer, who had been late on his payments. It went badly and he was the only survivor. He was blamed for the fiasco though the fault was with his partners, and as his punishment he had to give up his betaware cyberarm to another Triad member and accept that he would never advance up the ranks.

He left without consequences as he had secretly destroyed the material samples they had which would have been used in ritual magic against him. Out of bitterness he has made it his life's mission to get payback, and though he and his friends aren't able to ruin the Red Dragons they have turned into a nuisance that put a dent into their profits.[1]

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