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Maria Theresa Tamayo is the boss of the Andes Cartel.

Maria Theresa Tamayo is a cold-blooded female dwarf, a distant cousin of the previous head of the cartel who was one of the casualties in Aztechnology's take down of the Ghost Council in the bloody Baltimore Towers Massacre in Los Angeles in 2071. She holds a seat in Amazonia's senate and with it substantial legitimate power, in addition to her criminal network.

Almost all of the surviving Ghost Cartel leaders were brought together by Maria Tamayo under the banner of vengeance against Aztechnology. Those who disagreed with her or saw themselves as doing a better job of running the billion nuyen empire of the Andes Cartel, soon disappeared and were later found dismembered with body parts missing. She has survived multiple assassination attempts since taking control of the Andes Cartel.[1]


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