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Mars is the fourth planet of the Sol system.


2001 - NASA launches a space probe to MARS. Covers up pictures of Pyramids and skeletal remains of something that appears draconic.

December 24, 2011 - a NASA follow up manned flight to Mars crashes, killing five of eight astronauts.

June 7, 2042 — Ares Project Cydonia launches a probe to perform detailed scans of Mars.

December 8, 2042 — UCAS: Veil agents intercept and destroy all data from the Cydonia Mars probes.

On September 16, 2063, Yamatetsu, helped by Russia and the Pacific Prosperity Group, successfully sent the manned spaceship Valentina Tereshkova to Mars. As far as the public knows, this is the first manned mission to reach the Red Planet. The crew of the Valentina Tereshkova sends back live footage of the planet.

When the Valentina Tereshkova was returning to Earth, it disappeared from tracking and communication for 6 days, reconnecting with Earth from Lunar orbit. The ship's helmsman—Anatoly Kirilenko—became CEO of Yamatetsu by 2066.[1]

By 2070, Yamatetsu, now named Evo, had successfully established Gagarin Mars Base.


For purposes of public knowledge, the Tereshkova Mars mission in 2063 was the first manned mission to reach the Red Planet, although rumors and conspiracy theories claim NASA did so first in the 2010s.

There are contradictory statements on when the first publicly known man mission to Mars was. Hazard Pay says it was in 2065 with everyone perishing.[2] Sixth World Almanac gives the date of September 16, 2063.[3] And Market Panic says Kirilenko didn't leave for Mars until June 2064.[4]


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