The so-called “Matrix Industry” encompasses all economic activities related to telecommunications and online computers, everything that is part or connected to the Matrix, the set of communications networks established after the Crash of 2029. Contents such as newsfax or online games are either treated as part of the Matrix Industry or as part of the Media Industry.

The Matrix Industry can be broken down into four fields: electronics, connectics (hardware), data treatment and virtual reality (software).

Terminology[edit | edit source]

Major Players[edit | edit source]

Hardware[edit | edit source]

The two major players in the Matrix hardware scene are Novatech (formerly Fuchi) and Cross Applied Technologies.

Other players:

Software[edit | edit source]

Top Tier:

  • Novatech—Its subsidiary FTL Matrixware produces killer software, persona code, and cascading IC. Subsidiary Matrix Systems focuses on system sculpting and architecture.
  • Renraku—Produces an amazing variety of IC, defensive programs, and Self-Autonomous Knowbots. Subsidiary Wakatta Software produces data-conversion and compression software.

Other players:

References[edit | edit source]

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