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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Megalodon (Carcharodon neomegalodon) is an enormous Awakened shark, growing up to 16.0 meters long. It is named after the prehistoric sharks of similar size (as seen in the fossil record) that became extinct several million years ago. However, despite the similarity in size to the prehistoric Megalodon, it is most likely derived from the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).

The Megalodon is a ferocious solitary predator, occasionally hunting in small packs of three to five individuals. Megalodons will eat just about anything, from sea fauna as small as mackerel and tuna and as large as blue whales to inanimate artificial objects (one specimen was found with an entire motorcycle in its digestive system on autopsy). Like other sharks, they are attracted to the scent of blood in the water, sometimes going into a feeding frenzy. They are among the sharks that cannot pump water through their gills, thus they must move constantly.

Of peculiar note, Megalodons possess the magical ability to shrug off and even regenerate damage done to it. Thus, it is difficult to kill, save for drastic efforts or lucky shots to the nervous system. It can be found worldwide, typically in the pelagic depths of the ocean below 400 fathoms (738 meters).


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