Mercenary companies are corporations that provide military services for hire. The largest among them are full-fledged armies for hire, with ranks and command structures, capable of deploying large armed forces around the world capable of modern combined arms warfare. These A-rated corporations are fully mechanized and contain air and naval assets as well as Matrix and magical resources.

History[edit | edit source]

Mercenaries have existed throughout history, but they reached their nadir in the 20th century as nation-states virtually eliminated the need for and capacity to establish and maintain private armies of any significant size. However, the upheavals that have befallen the Sixth World reignited the need for professional armed forces, which has never been greater while the supply had been nearly extinguished. As even the largest and most powerful nations fractured and reduced their martial capabilities, the sheer numbers of veterans of the Euro Wars and other border conflicts, brush fires, and civil wars continues to increase.

With the birth of the megacorporations, many of these professionals found refuge within the paramilitary security forces and military units that the megacorporations now found it necessary to maintain and deploy to protect their assets and interests around the world. However, not all of these professionals remained with national militaries or joined the newly-minted corporate armies. They chose another path.

The wisest among these veterans chose to dedicate themselves to the enterprise of re-establishing professional mercenary companies such as have long existed throughout history. Among the earliest adopters, a few quickly expanded and formalized internal structures and command systems to become literal armies for hire. The market is now dominated by a half dozen or so A-rated corporations, but many other companies and smaller units and individual mercenaries continue to operate and supply the remaining market demand for mercenaries.

The mercenary community formalized its existence by founding the Mercenary's Guild, which establishes rules of engagement and conduct between mercenaries in combat and between mercenaries and their clients. Mercenary companies are expected to recognize the Guild rules internally and between each competitor.

Major Companies[edit | edit source]

Notable Companies[edit | edit source]

  • 58th Battle Brigade
  • 180th Independent Air Regiment
  • 77th Independent Rangers
  • Bravo Company
  • Executive Action Brigade
  • Husaria
  • Iron Cavalry
  • New Assets
  • Task Force Magus
  • Team Zero
  • Thunder Corps

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