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Meridional Agronomics, or simply Meridional, is a AA megacorporation based in Granada, Spain.


As the name implies, it focuses mainly on agribusiness, although it has since diversified into industrial biotechnology, genetics, shipping, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. It is a household name among food-products around the world and is well known for focusing on natural agricultural production rather than soy or alternative artificial food products. Major subsidiaries include Meridional Commerce, Finisterra Biotech, BioSys Genetics, Mediterranean Trade and Shipping, and Publidad Española.

Meridional first grew out of the Union de Agricultores, which bought land from bankrupt farmers in Andalusia and subsequently revitalized it later when the government finally completed its aqueducts. It incorporated as Meridional Agronomics, and extended its market throughout Europe and the UCAS. Meridional has been involved in a corporate war with Sol Media for some time now, a fact that makes little sense given the separate interests of the two corps. Meridional also has ties to the Muslim population of Spain, a fact that makes Spanish politicians uneasy.

Post-Amazonian War[]

Meridional Agronomics has undergone some major changes recently. It is now a major player in bio-modified crops, with their primary focus being soy and to a lesser degree, grain. Being longtime rivals of Aztechnology, it pleased them greatly so see how the Amazonian War has effected their agricultural production due to the campaign waged by the great dragon Sirrurg. Profits have exploded the last couple of years and currently they have a lot of cash. It's transgenic crops and genetically modified livestock are in high demand, due to the global increase in food prices.[1] The corporation also has close ties to the Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid crime syndicate.[2]


Page 27 of Shadows of Europe states that the CEO is Sebastian Barrios. Page 156 states that the CEO is Andres Gonzalez.


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