Merlyn's Pride from Shadowrun Sourcebook, 10 Gangs

The Merlyn's Pride is wizzer/street gang based in New York City.

Membership: 30-50

The gang was founded in the 2050s by Abigail Merlyn (born 2021) and Otis "Bags" O'Malley her mentor, both mages. They started doing petty theft using their magic. In 2060, the Children of the New Crusade who had rejected Abigail when she was younger and had come to them for help in learning magic, approached the gang and offered to recruit them into their organization. She said no to them and in retaliation they assassinated her.

Otis O'Malley went to their stronghold in New Orleans and avenged her death by killing one of her killers in a horrifying way and taking items of the rest which would put their lives in his hands. He changed the name of the gang to "Merlyn's Pride" in her honor. The gang educates and trains not only it's own members in the ways of magic, but also outsiders. Revenue comes from pick pocketing, burglaries, theft, and extortion of corporations.[1]

In expanded its operations into the lawless lower eastside of the island of Manhattan, "The Pit" where it along with dozens of other gangs fought for dominance from the 2050s onward.[2] The gang wars in "The Pit" ended when the Cutters emerged victorious in the 2070s.[3]


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