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Messerschmitt-Kawasaki is a corporation headquartered in Munich, Germany. It's a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp, who bought it from struggling IFMU. Under IFMU control, the company had two division heads, one in Germany and the other in Japan. M-K primarily manufactures helicopters, but also boats under the sole Kawasaki brand, and motorcycles.


  • Motorcycles
    • M-K Chi (scooter)
    • Messerschmitt A200 (racing)
  • Boats
    • Kawasaki Interloper (skiff)
    • Kawasaki Gendarmerie (patrol boat)
    • Kawasaki Aqualisk (water scooter)
  • Helicopters
    • M-K Albatross (heavy transport)
    • Messerschmitt Grashüpfer (light-weight two-seater)
    • M-K Kolibri (multi-purpose; armored "Kolibri SP" variant is used by the German police and BuMoNA)
    • M-K Sperber (attack helicopter)
  • Hovercrafts
    • M-K QuietGlide