The Metahuman People's Army (MPA) was a guerilla force in northern CalFree.

The Metahuman People's Army was the premier resistance group in the Bay Area fighting the Japanese occupation. During the foreign occupation, it executed daring attacks on targets in San Francisco, normally corporate facilities and personnel, and Imperial installations and troop transports.[1]

They favored bombings, sabotage, and assassinations. Occasionally they would do a kidnapping to raise funds. If they kidnapped someone important they sometimes traded him for metahuman prisoners rather than holding him for ransom.[1] The MPA provided humanitarian aid to the families of MPA members died in action. It also provided services to the community that was previously done by Sacramento though at a smaller scale than the other resistance group, the October 25 Alliance.[1][2] Along with the the Alliance, the MPA functioned as the law enforcement in the Oakland-Berkeley sprawl. The people's tribunals were harsh on lawbreakers.[3]

Japanese Imperial and corporate forces were sent in search & destroy missions into the Oakland/Berkley sprawl, though rarely would they find the guerrillas. Usually they would round up innocents, find them guilty, and execute them. Most of those squads would end up being hit by the guerrillas, and few of them made it back to San Francico without casualties.[1]

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