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Michael N'Guyen is the dragonhead of the Clan of the 51 Gorgons Triad.

Michael N'Guyen is the Vietnamese Shan Chu (Lodgemaster or Dragonhead) of the Clan of the 51 Gorgons, a Sino-Vietnamese Triad. He has joined the Ten Thousand Lions and led the Triad into making a deal with the Olaya Cartel for the rights to distribute Tempo in southern France. Which resulted in the rise of the Triad at the expense of the dominant powers in southern France, the Milieu Marseillas and the Marseille Organizatsi. At the conclusion of the Tempo-Drug War in which the Vory were nearly annihilated, to prevent a war with the stronger Milieu he turned over the Tempo distribution racket to them in exchange for some territories as compensation.


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