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The Milieu-Vory War is a mob war between French and Russian syndicates in France.

In the decades after the EuroWars, the Russian Vory had conquered a huge chunk of the European underworld in the north, running from Paris (France) to Sofia Bulgaria. The French organized crime syndicate (Marseilles Milieu) had lost northern France and was determined to get it back.

In 2063, the Marseilles Milieu began it's offensive to retake the north, which was controlled by a Russian syndicate, the Paris Organizatsi. Fighting was intense in Paris, stopovers along the smuggling routes (e.g. Strasbourg, Bordeaux, and Lyon), and important hubs (e.g. Marseille, Bayonne, and Lille).

Everyday there were reports in the news of raids, bombings, or transport attacks executed by one side against the other. The mob war only stopped because of the Matrix Crash 2.0 of 2064.[1][2] It picked up again afterwards, and the Milieu finds itself on the losing side of a long war.[3]


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