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Milieu crime lord Enzo "Mutangna" Muntoni and guards

The Milieu Marseillais is a French Mafia syndicate based in southern France.

The Milieu is a multi-ethnic syndicate. It is a conglomerate of various many criminal clans, most of them ethnically-based, including Corsicans, Italians, Turks, and Arabs. Though the clans are constantly in competition with each other, the organization is held together by the Corsican Pascal Angeloni. Within Marseilles it a powerful organization with influence over the Council, the local corporations, and the docks. The Corsican faction is led by a troll, Enzo "Muntagna" Muntoni.[1]

The Milieu used to dominate organized crime in France before the Vory invasion. Having lost the north to the Russians, they rule the underworld in southern France. The leading family has been co-opted by the Sicilian Mafia which introduced its ways to the family, making it an Italo-Franco family.[2] When the "Alta Commissione" was formed, it was given a seat on the council.[3] One of the Milieu's criminal enterprises is the trafficking of Tempo, for a time they were Europe's primary suppliers. They were the sole supplier from Marseille to Paris.[4][5] Since 2063 , the Milieu has been in the losing side of a war with the Russian Vory. It's forte is brutal gun-blazing attacks which results in the Milieu facing more police pressure than the Russians.[4][6]


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