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(This population figure, as well as the demographic figures below, represent the Milwaukee Sprawl and excludes the neighboring Chicago Sprawl, as well as Madison, Wisconsin, and the cities around Green Bay to the north)

Population: 4,882,791 
  Human: 89%
  Elf: 2%
  Dwarf: 1%
  Ork: 8%
  Troll: <1%
  Other: <1%
White: 61%
  Jewish: 4%
  Irish: 3%
  Italian: 2%
  German: 26%
  Polish: 11%
Black: 31%
Hispanic: 6%
  Puerto Rican: 35%
  Aztlaner: 59%
Asian: 2%
  Chinese: 12%
  Vietnamese: 7%
  Asian Indian: 8%
  Japanese: 3%
  Filipino: 7%
  Korean: 6%
  Laotian: 16%
  Hmong: 31%
Amerindian: 1%


In 2050th Lone Star Security Services holds the police contract for Milwaukee as well as the one for Seattle. The Star has its own Lone Star Academy in Milwaukee, where its cops receive their training before doing their duty on the streets of the sprawls. [1]


  1. Novel: Lone Wolf

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