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Ming Le Fang (mostly called just Ming) is a young Chinese magican and member of the Oslo (former Hamburg) based chapter of the "Chinese Deadly Dwarfs" gang.


Ming was born in a lefty-anarchist commune in the city of Hamburg in the AGS. His mother was a former student from the Canton Confederation, that worked as a waitress and maybe small-time shadowrunner, while his father died during a riot before his son was born. Ming's awakening was at the very young age of only eleven years. Also lacking any formal magical training, the boy became a skilled young wujen. By trial and error he learned things like spell design, how to conjure spirits of water and how to create his own fetishes and foci, using mostly small randomly collected metal objects as telesma. Less than one year after his awakening he became a member of the Hamburg based "Chinese Deadly Dwarfs" gang. When his chapter was forced to leave Hamburg after loosing a turf war against an Altona based gang, called the "Holsten Zombies", Ming got lost and was believed dead by his gang chummers. In fact, he wasn't dead, but arrested by the police and went to prison for some years. - Two years after the second matrix crash he re-appeared. He localized the surviving ones of his old chummers at Oslo in the Scandinavian Union, and became a "Chinese Deadly Dwarfs" ganger again.

He's especially usefull for his gang chummers because of his ability, to employ water spirites for their protection rackets (something Mishiwa Kai-Tang, the female dolphin shaman wouldn't do at all).

In 2076 he archieved the spirit formula of a free bee spirit, and used the true name of that insect spirit to enslave it (despite he wasn't an insect shaman). He forced that spirit to produce some sort of honey liquor, that eventually had a similar effect like the BAD tempo. Bottled by his gang chummer Kevin Ching this liquor was sold to former tempo addicts as "Valhalla Geister Met", which helped the Oslo based Chinese Deadly Dwarfs gangers to generate a steady and increasingly high income, also Mishiwa Kai-Tang and even the gang leader Loo weren't exactly happy with that business idea.

Ming Le-Fang - as well, as his chummer Kevin Ching - were killed in early 2078, when some German Catholic Church special forces raided their house boat to exorcise the free bee spirit mentioned above.


As a magical gifted child - a so-called wizkid - Ming wasn't a very stable personality or a nice guy at all: he was selfish and arrogant, had a cruel, twisted sense of humor and was quite sadistic. For example he often tended to abuse his magical gift to mock or even torture mundane people just for fun, using elemental water spells. The female dolphin shaman of the gang - Mishiwa Kai-Tang - doesn't like him at all and tend to tell him things like "Ming, you never will dance with dolphin" to show him the poor view, she had of him. - On the other hand, Yan, the young rigger and jetbike rider, who safed Ming from drowning in the river Elbe at the beginning of his gang career, became Ming's very best friend among the Hamburg and later Oslo based "Chinese Deadly Dwarfs" chapter.

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