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Miriam "La Dame de la Mort" Kozlowski is the Donna of the Kozlowski Mafia family and the Capa of New Orleans.

She inherited her position from her late mother, Paula, who had become Capa after the death of her husband, Capo Stan Kozlowski . Though there was opposition she eliminated the most vocal opponents and the Commission was forced to recognize her as the Capa. Since then there have been several attempts to remove her from power, but all have been ruthlessly crushed, with the last one been over a decade ago. The Kozlowski family is proud to have her as their capa.

Miriam is single and has no children but is grooming her cousin, Pamela Rodenbush, as her heir. It's suspected that Pamela is actually her daughter, as Miriam had "indiscretions" with Carlo Mossino when she was much younger. Carlo was wasted and she was sent away to a "private school" for less than a year, and when she returned her uncle and his wife suddenly had an unexpected child.[1]

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