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An unearthly fog, dubbed “the Mist,” (fr. la Brume) covers large rural areas of Brittany[1]. Any humans and metahumans caught in the Mist experience overwhelming fear and become lost. The Mist disrupts magic and attracts paranatural animals. Thousands of people go missing, including the entire population of several towns.

The Mist appeared for the first time on June 21st, 2023[2] [3]. Only after a few weeks of its first manifestation, people started to disappear. Not only people going into the fog, but all town and villages were somehow absorbed by the phenomenon. The French Government decide to evacuate the region, lacking the (mystical) resources to do much more.

It was not before October 31st 2028, that the Druidic Revival of Brittany (Aznevezenti drouizel Breizh) manage to contain and dissipate the mist - to an extent. Large patch of the mist, especially around Carnac, remains to this day, throughout the region.

Because of this feat, and the influence of the House of Rohan in the region, France has given a semi-autonomous status to Brittany.


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