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The Mist Lynx (Lynx caligae) is the Awakened form of the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis). It grows up to 1.4 meters long, with a hunched back and longer limbs than a typical wildcat. It has a short bobbed tail like other lynxes, and short gray fur marked with white. They are noted to have steel-gray eyes.

Mist lynxes are solitary carnivores, feeding on small woodland creatures. They live in small family groups, with the females fanatic about defending their kits to the point of sacrificing their own lives.

The mist lynx possesses the innate magical ability to turn into a "mist form" (which gives the mist lynx its name). There have been scattered rumors of mist lynx attacking metahumans, but in general, mist lynxes seem to be fascinated observers rather than aggressive predators. They live throughout the northern parts of North America.