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Mita-gumi is a Yakuza clan based in the city of Neo-Tokyo in Japan.

The Mita-gumi have been around for over 150 years.[1] It has allied itself with the group known as the "Old School", the Watada-rendo, which (among others) includes the Watada-gumi and the Mita-gumi. The Mita family is old and respected, and staying secret from the public is not a priority.  As of 2074, four Mita kobun own considerable stock in MCT and local law enforcement. The Mita-gumi compound in the heart of downtown Shinjuku is sprawling and covers an entire city-block and is surrounded by a curtain wall, just like a medieval keep.

To rebuild its strength after taking significant losses in the Watada-Mita War , it is actively recruiting experienced criminals from Neo-Tokyo's street gangs and from the universities, promising graduates. They are known for putting a legitimate face on everything, even their quasi-legal types of prostitution they run in online dating services bath houses, strip clubs, and massage parlors. "Mita-brand" goods such as their toys, clothing, and accessories are popular, especially with the 19-25 year olds.[2] The syndicate has ties to MCT, Shiawase, and Evo.[3]

The clan used to have a near-monopoly on the production and distribution of BTLs in Neo-Tokyo, until the disastrous war. Not willing to spend the money to rebuild their BTL infrastructure, they are now bringing in illegal magical compounds and Awakened drugs from Amazonia and Peru via Yakuza expatriates.[4] The defeat of the Mita-gumi in their war with the Watada had other consequences. For one they are no longer on the cutting edge due to them having lost quite a bit of ground and not keeping up with technological changes.[5]


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