Mitchell "Mitch" Stuck is the owner of Stuck’s Carnival[1] on 85th Avenue SE & SE 358th Street, the district’s oldest casino and cabaret nightclub. The Carnival is located on the outskirts of Stuck, a tiny “city” of six square blocks, created through a legal loophole in the incorporation of Auburn into the Metroplex of Seattle by businessman and entrepreneur Mitchell Stuck almost forty years ago. Mr. Stuck is also the mayor of the tiny municipality, and owner of all of its real estate. The seventy-eight year old Stuck has been known to act as master of ceremonies at the Carnival from time to time.

1994: Mitchell Stuck is born.

2032: The city of "Stuck" is incorporated inside Auburn by Mitch Stuck, who is mayor.

2072: Mitch Stuck has run his little empire in Auburn for years. The metroplex and district governments continue to let him because it would be too expensive and bothersome to try the case in the courts (plus there’s a fair chance Stuck would win.) They have already closed the loophole that allowed Stuck to declare “independence” for his little city, and it reverts back to the district of Auburn upon Stuck’s death (although ownership remains with his legal heirs). So Stuck gets to have his fun and he seems intent on living as long as possible.

This makes Stuck the center of the black market in Auburn, of course, since neither the metroplex nor Knight Errant has any jurisdiction here. You can find illegal body-mods at Stuck’s Bag-Your-Body on 87th, a safe bolthole at Stuck’s Sleephouse on 88th, and illegal chips and sims at Stuck’s Zeotrope on 358th Street. “Mayor” Stuck is in good with the Mafia, which provides him with whatever he needs in exchange for “free passage” through his little kingdom and use of the facilities.

References[edit | edit source]

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