Monobe International, is a corporation headquartered in Matsuyama, Japan.

Monobe International is the fourth largest independent Japanese corporation and the largest Japanese AA corporation (with the possible exception of the Pacific Rim Bank depending on method of ranking). Business interests include biotechnology, electronic components, firearms, cyberdeck components, Genetic Engineering, advanced communications research, and mechanical engineering. Monobe Medical also provides DocWagon-style emergency medical services in Japan.

Their profile puts them at odds with Yamatetsu and Aztechnology primarily. Subsidiaries include Cryptec, Designer Genes, FN Herstal (also known as Fabrique Nationale), Mapen Technologies, Monobe Biotechnical, Monobe Engineering, Société Suisse Technique, Vantage Partners, and UCAS Compustat. Weapons World was formerly a Monobe subsidiary until Ares acquired it in a leveraged buyout.

Monobe was quite busy gaining the lost scraps of Yamatetsu, Renraku, and Fuchi during the corporate shuffle in 2059, and is now considered as a viable contender for election to the Corporate Court and AAA status by the Japanese megacorporations. The corp is member in the Pacific Prosperity Group and has rent some space inside Evo's Shibanokuij orbital ressort, also it frequently asked for a bit more space in the orbital station.

Monobe is also the name of a small town in Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island. At the beginning of the 21st Century, a small company producing optical lenses was going by the name Monobe Engineering. Monobe's current President and Chief Operating Officer is Toshio Mitsukuri, who gained that position in January 2059 from then president Sho Kubota.

They are strong backers of the imperialist faction in Japan, opposing the reformers led by Emperor Yasuhito. Supporting the imperialist agenda of regulation of the Awakened, technomancers, and AI, racism toward metahumans, a powerful military, and control of the Pacific Rim.[1]


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