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Morales Cartel (exports to Europe and North Africa)

The Morales Cartel is a crime syndicate based in Paraguay.

Annual Revenue: Billion+ (nuyen, likely)

The Morales Cartel has major interests in both Peru and Bolivia. Unlike the other cartels the death of its dwarf leader Angel Fuentes (in the city of Los Angeles during the Tempo-Drug War did not throw them into disarray, which was due to its organizational structure making it the most stable of the Ghost Cartels.


It has a board of directors, each of whom owns shares in the syndicate. The cartel is rumored to have 5-7 members, one of which is rumored to be a free spirit. Each of the board members "grooms" a handful of potential successors, who are made known to the rest of the board members. If a board member dies, the others choose a successor from the groomed successors.

The corporate-type organizational structure of the cartel results in "divisions" which are responsible for staying under their given budget and achieving profit targets. The individual divisions are given a degree of leeway but the board is very hands-on. Many of their members are paid using a commission-based system, which includes bonuses for meeting specific goals. Bi-annual performance reviews are done on the members and those who fail to meet the goals are executed in a very public and messy manner.

Criminal Enterprises[]

The Morales Cartel presently controls nearly all of the drug exports coming out of Bolivia. It's the dominant crime syndicate in Bolivia, and only small opportunistic cartels willing to risk the wrath of the cartel operate in Bolivia and they don't last long. It brings in more nuyen into Bolivia than the GDP of many countries, equivalent to that of any A or perhaps even a AA corporation.[1] Inside Bolivia, they control several clandestine laboratories where they are developing paracritter-based drugs.[2]

The cartel has invested a lot in Bolivia, resulting that it controls a number of industries and owns many small corporations. Among these corporations are a number of rising pharmaceutical corporations in the city of La Paz. In Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay it has a strong hold on their "intellectual import" markets (e.g. importing kidnapped or extracted scientists, engineers, etc).[1]

The cartel is sympathetic to the neo-communist regime, though it is not clear as to whether it's the cartel which is manipulating the government or if its the government which is doing the manipulating.[2] It has a close relationaship with the Bolivian military and provides it with a chunk of the armaments, training, and recruits that it needs, as well as financing mercenary contracts.[1]

The cartel has a smuggling network that extends into North Africa and Southern Europe. It has also sponsored and armed left-wing guerillas in Paraguay and Japanese-controlled Peru (before their withdrawal).[2] Like the other Ghost Cartels it likewise operates in Amazonia, which acts as a safe haven.[3] They also have rural protection rackets, in which they burn the farms of those who refuse to make protection payments.[4] The city of Iquitos in Peru is a stronghold of the cartel.[5]


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