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Mother Earth (ME) is a feminist political organization.


Mother Earth is a feminist policlub that promotes the issues of the feminist movement across all races. They also encourage nature magic and eco-activism, promoting the spiritual beliefs that are associated with shamanism, druidry, and witchcraft. It's a policlub whose public agenda is education and grassroots activity.

There is a division within the ME between chapterhouses which focus on bringing about social harmony and equality thereby benefiting both men and women, and those chapterhouses which focus only on supporting women and improving life for them globally, refusing to accept men into their chapterhouses or even as supporters.

It has had much success with its women's shelters, clinics for SINless women, abuse counseling centers, material aid for impoverished mothers and their families, and ecological cleanups for those communities that are polluted.

Secretly, direct action cells affiliated with the ME execute sabotage the operations of fundamentalists, monkeywrench tree cutting drones, raid warehouses that house sex slaves, and bribe corrupt officials. Sometimes they perform online blackmail, datatheft, or Matrix vandalism.


Mother Earth was founded in the AGS and is now a global movement with 100s of thousands of members spread across Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and North America.

It is led by a Triumvirate which is it's public face, overseas the concerns of the policlub, and manages it's inner workings. Next is an informal council to which each geopolitical region sends at least one representative. These representatives keep track of the major trends in their respective region.

Chapterhouse delegates meet at least once a year and will meet informally as needed. They share with each other their problems, triumphs, and solutions, to reinforce the movement's solidarity, and when needed to select a council representative if the previous one had died or was unsatisfactory.

When it comes to the Chapterhouses, most of them operate like an extended family. Members work and living together in a communal manner, and decisions within the chapterhouse are made by consensus.